New Look for

Redesigned IRS site provides ease of use for taxpayers.

The IRS site has a new simpler look! The site has now been optimized for smart phones and tablets. These improvements were made to help the IRS lower the number of calls that they receive from taxpayers each year We can expect more changes to come as well.

“We recognize that these disruptive technologies are going to be critical to our success, and while we’re not 100 percent there yet, we are working on it,” Michele Causey, director of user experience and design for the agency’s Office of Online Services, said during a June 1 panel discussion at the IBM Government Analytics Forum in Washington. “We have done a first pass at doing a redesign from a look and feel perspective, and that is coupled with our branding and marketing strategy for the [IRS]. We’re looking at new iconography. We’re looking at a new organization of the site.”

More changes can be expected as we previously reported here. Go to to check out the new changes and features.

—Dylan Capaldo, National Account Manager